Letter: Hoping history won't repeat itself


To the Editor:

I consider myself far more knowledgeable about history than most people because of my age and I have studied it for over 50 years.

I read a massive well-regarded biography of Hitler 30 years ago but it all really come together during a documentary about him I recently saw. We can always learn more.

He convinced Germans to support him by convincing them of the following: that Germany was better than other countries, that he will build their economy by making jobs for everyone, that the Jewish religion is responsible for many of the ills of the German people, and a stronger military will protect them.

He often said he had done things no one else had ever done.

He utilized the newspapers and radio to spread their propaganda to the people and claimed any other news was treason. He broke international agreements and treaties.

He told other countries he was going to make Germany great again. He made Jews and communists the enemy of the Germanic race.

He locked up, forced deportation, and finally killed all his Gestapo and SS troops could find. He maintained control of the Nazi Party and the military by requiring them to swear loyalty to him.

The above caused over 50 million deaths. One of history's most-used sayings is "History repeats itself."

Scary thought!

Chuck Johnson, Morris