Buy the ticket, take the ride at Plainfield Fest

Event takes over the downtown area

Fair-goers ride ride one of the several fair rides Friday, July 14, 2017, during Plainfield Fest at Plainfield Central High School in Plainfield, Ill.[]

Downtown Plainfield was packed with people for the 2017 Plainfield Fest, which took over parts of the downtown business district Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The fest included the beer tent and main stage, a vendor area and food court in the downtown business district. The carnival games and rides were located at Plainfield Central High School.

There were previous plans to move Plainfield Fest from the downtown area to the Plainfield Riverfront Foundation property but plans changed with Nicor’s work on the pipeline being delayed and the area being muddy from recent rainfall.

“We just said it was going to be unsafe to have this many people down there on the property,” said Cmdr. Ken Ruggles of the Plainfield Police Department.

Ruggles also said they usually expect somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 people throughout the whole three days of the fest, depending on the weather.