Letter: High school transfers leave much to be desired


To the Editor:

I recently read an excellent article by Sports Editor Dick Goss concerning a local Joliet area high school student-athlete announcing/texting on social media his intention to transfer to another school.

This trend of high school student-athletes moving abruptly from one school to another is certainly setting a rather upsetting, confusing and ultimately negative tone for all parties concerned.

Although these student-athlete transfers are “blessed” by the IHSA and ultimately deemed acceptable, these situations truly bring into question the principles of integrity, loyalty and dedication.

These principles are just some of the positive life lessons that all high school student-athletes and coaches should practice and portray both on and off the sporting arena.

In conclusion, I trust and hope that these student-athletes are not transferring just because they are seeking a promised greener athletic situation/pasture and at the same time turning their backs on a multitude of relationships, friendships, etc. ... that have taken years to nurture.

David R. Marco