Letter: Romeoville has strong future


To the Editor:

As the east side of Romeoville continues to expand, I am grateful that many business structures are flourishing with the continued growth.

As a resident of 55 years in this part of east Romeoville, it inspires me and others that, through perseverance and excellent leadership, we now also are counted.

Approximately 16 years ago, most stores left the Spartan Square and the surrounding area. It was desolate for us homeowners and people who drove through Route 53 – old 66-A. This road continues with legacy. It is part of our history.

My first downtown-uptown Romeoville meeting was inspiring and encouraging. We had a small dedicated committee. Dawn, the mayor’s assistant, was and at present is our leader. We continue to expand because of her caring and devotion. She does connect with everyone.

To me, and others, your home is a sanctuary. It is a beacon of light and safety. It has our core values, and loyalty that should breed success. The continued redevelopment illustrates this.

As a historian, I continually picture our first pioneers, made of stone, coming to old Romeo – that had no roads, no grocery stores, possibly one-room school (miles out), no method of communication, etc. These pioneer people had strength and courage.

They are our true legacy. Our upcoming first museum (opening forthcoming) contains their hardships and much more. They built the bridges for all generations to follow.

Our entire village of Romeoville is sensitive to history that provides strength and legacy that is a link to the past.

Romeoville’s future is strong – because of our past and present pioneers.

Shirlee J. Pergler