School funding resolution didn’t solve real problems

FILE -In this Aug. 31, 2017 file photo, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner signs education funding reform bill SB 1947 at Ebinger Elementary School, in Chicago.Democratic-leaning Illinois is the latest state to direct taxpayer money to private schools, a move that's caught some by surprise and drawn condemnation from politically powerful teacher unions and Democrats looking to defeat GOP Gov. Rauner in 2018. (Ashlee Rezin/Sun Times via AP)[]

To the Editor:

After everyone gets done patting themselves on the back for sending more money to the school systems and another Chicago property tax hike, we should contemplate how to reduce high property taxes and white flight from Chicago to the suburbs.

Now only 10 percent of CPS students are white (the people with the money). The powerful Chicago Teachers Union is very good at creating the impression that the more money you give us, the smarter your kid will be. Very clever but not necessarily so.

After all the money and exorbitant pensions, they still manage to turn out students thick as a brick. What matters is efficiency, value, productivity to keep taxes low and attract businesses such as Foxconn, that will locate in Wisconsin.

Funneling more and more property tax money to the powerful union and pensions will backfire, causing flight, erosion of the tax base and abandoned buildings. Look at the bad shape of Detroit, Gary and East St. Louis for a variety of reasons.