Trust Act isn’t about making us sanctuary state


Over the last week, I’ve heard Chicago talk radio discuss SB 31, the Trust Act.

I’m not sure if the media is willfully misrepresenting this bill or if they are just ignorant about the benefits for our state, particularly law enforcement.  

First of all, this bill does not make Illinois a sanctuary state.

Sanctuary states, such as California, prohibit local law enforcement from working with federal immigration law enforcement.

Hampering local law enforcement is a dangerous practice, but the Trust Act focuses local law enforcement on criminal offenders.

Also, unlike California, this bill is not in conflict with the U.S. Department of Justice and does not compromise any federal funding.  

Finally, all the Trust Act does is structure existing law to encourage immigrant communities to work closer with local law enforcement.

This bill passed with bipartisan support and is supported by chiefs of police, county sheriffs and county state’s attorneys.

It is time to stop the hyperbolic hysteria aimed at dividing Illinois, and call the Trust Act what it is – a thoughtful and proactive bill which will make Illinois more, not less, safe.