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Police: Man goes after group of teenagers with baseball bat


JOLIET – A 20-year-old Joliet man was allegedly about to bash a group of teenagers with a baseball bat when the law stepped in to stop him and place him under arrest, police said.

On Friday, Juan J. Ortiz, 20, of the 400 block of Landau Avenue, reportedly was seen by a police officer running west in the 500 block of East Cass Street.

Ortiz was waving a baseball bat as he ran, Joliet Police Deputy Chief Ed Gregory said. Gregory said Ortiz was getting ready to fight a group of teenagers. However, the police officer ordered Ortiz to drop the bat, Gregory said. The officer reportedly detained Ortiz on Cass.

Ortiz’s baseball bat was confiscated by the officer and he was issued a $500 compliance ticket charging him with disorderly conduct.

Ortiz was released from the scene shortly afterward.

There was no damage or injury to any person or property, Gregory said.