The climate change deniers are quite comical

President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak in the Cabinet Room of the White House, Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)[]

To the Editor:

In a Letter to the Editor published Sept. 6, Mr. John Babush claimed that “Climate science is not science at all.” I would like to thank Mr. Babush for his insight on the subject, even though a bit misguided.

So many people, like Mr. Babush, absolutely refuse to believe climate change is happening. Or, perhaps, they believe climate change is happening, but it’s part of the “earth’s natural cycle.” 

Or they believe that climate change exists, but man has nothing to do with it and the growing populations of climatologists from around the world are wrong; some even suggest these scientists are lying.

The one thing that ties all these naysayers together is that they all vote Republican. Did you know that the only major political party on the planet that denies climate change is the American Republican Party?

One question the Republicans have not yet answered is: Why? Why would all of these scientists from around the world make this stuff up? What do they have to gain?

OK, let’s suppose for a moment that their claims are a hoax, that they’re lying and the Republican Party (.0079 percent of the world’s population) are the only ones on earth who can see through these lies. How will it hurt to control our carbon footprint?

So let’s forget about the climate for a moment. What about all the health problems caused by our pollutants? According to the American Lung Association, 186 million Americans are affected by air pollution. 

So, how will it hurt to control the pollution?

Air pollution and climate change are very real and ignorance will not change that fact, and being on the naysayer side of the discussion only makes Republicans look foolish.

Remember, vote American, not Republican.

Ken Yanko Sr.