What about the other side of Joliet prison argument?


To the Editor:

The Joliet Herald-News continues to have “guest writers” to give the readers information about one side of an issue.

The Herald-News did this with SB 1 (public school funding), but didn’t give an alternative viewpoint. Again, The Herald-News allowed two members of the Joliet Historical Museum to write as “guest writers” to push for community involvement in saving the Joliet prison.

Again, no alternative viewpoint was given so the readers were force-fed one side of the argument.

Shame, shame, shame on The Herald-News.

This is why people get tired of the media. One-sided.

At what point will The Herald-News be balanced?

If you have a “guest writer” then on the same page, at the same time, should be an alternative viewpoint.

I am so tired of taxpayers getting ignored.

Please, give us a voice.

David Talarico