Letter: Republicans are wrong again

Houston Texans players kneel and stand Oct. 29 during the singing of the national anthem before an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle.[]

To the Editor:

Regarding an opinion published in the Herald on Oct. 24 paper: “Taking a knee isn’t good citizenship,” by Mr. Robert Lemke.

Lemke’s statements offer his perspective on the ongoing NFL demonstrations by the players not standing for the national anthem. Mr. Lemke and other Republicans seem to feel this is a sign of disrespect for our country, our flag, our soldiers, and/or our fallen.

I can’t help but laugh when I hear Republicans complain about this style of demonstration. We don’t hear Republicans complain about the many statues of Confederate soldiers – soldiers who should have been tried and hung for treason against our country.

We don’t hear Republicans complain about those who fly the Confederate flag, the symbol of a treasonous act against our country. We don’t hear Republicans complain about the white nationalists who marched in solidarity carrying Nazi flags in Charlottesville. I suppose that sort of freedom of speech is OK?

They call themselves American, but Republicans are pushing every day to advance more antidemocratic voter suppression laws. That is not American!

I can go on…

Republicans are the biggest bunch of hypocritical crybabies on the planet.

Colin Kaepernick started his demonstration alone. Trump opened his mouth and that has caused the players to join in and demonstrate against Trump’s bigotry.

As a previous member of the Armed Forces of this great nation, I am not at all offended with the demonstrations in the NFL. What does offend me greatly, however, is the orange guy occupying the White House when every day he opens his mouth and more offensive, disrespectful innuendo spews out.

When will we read, from Republicans, complaints about Trump’s disgraceful behavior?

The 2018 election is around the corner. Remember: “Vote American, not Republican.”

Ken Yanko