Letter: It's clear why Roger Claar and Donald Trump are connected


To the Editor:

Every kid knows, you are known by the company you keep. That was your mother's free advice growing up.

Roger Claar may not be a rightwinger or a bigot, but we surely know why Joe Hosey put the two (Roger and Donald)in the same sentence. Inviting Donald Trump to diverse Bolingbrook for a fundraiser in our publicly funded golfclub was a direct slap in the face of our community.

Rachel acted of her own volition. All Jackie Traynere did was give Roger Claar the biggest run for his money in the history of Bolingbrook, using the relationship between Roger and Donald as her jumping off point.

I, for one, am grateful to the number of people who stepped up and supported her in this race. As you recall, the vote was very close. A real squeaker for Roger.

The Letter to the Editor was very timely and, I am doubly delighted that the years of censoring Bolingbrook news has been lifted.

I think we need to thank Joe and the new editor of The Herald-News, Jon Styf,for remembering Bolingbrook is a big part of Will County and mostly everything going on here is usuallyunderreported.

In closing, buy a subscription to the newspaper and give it as a holiday gift. As the Bolingbrook readership increases, so will the news.

Charlotte Droogan