Letter: Buck doesn't stop here

President Donald Trump arrives Nov. 10 at Danang International Airport in Danang, Vietnam.[]

To the Editor:

I am not old enough to remember President Truman, but I have seen several pictures of him sitting at his desk. If you look closely, it shows a wooded desk sign with these words, “The Buck Stops Here.”

Every time I was in a leadership role, I remembered those words. I have admired leaders who take responsibility for their actions and those under them.

I also have seen too many people in leadership positions who never took any responsibility for their actions or anyone else’s. Those people always seem to take credit for anything good that happens whether they were involved or not.

Since Truman, we have had Eisenhower, who knew he was responsible for all that happened on his watch. Kennedy took the blame for the botched Cuban invasion, which was planned during DDE’s final months.

Nixon broke the rule on occasion. Carter took the blame for everything when he should not have. Most of us remember Reagan taking the blame for the Iran-Contra and a few other mistakes.

Even Clinton learned early to absorb blame in order to get credit. Both Bushes fell on their swords for things they didn’t have control over.

Obama’s trials and tribulations didn’t rise to the levels that occurred during previous presidents, but he apologized for the deaths of the people in Benghazi though the ambassador had been advised by many people to not go.

Our current president has never taken responsibility for any failures of his doing, but has smeared and blamed everyone else for any perceived error. He can’t restrain himself, nor can anyone else restrain him from lashing out in an unpresidential insulting smear. He just won’t take responsibility for anything he or his people do.

He may be the elected president, but he definitely isn’t presidential.

Chuck Johnson, Morris