Letter: Right to Work isn't right


To the Editor:

As a proud union member and strong supporter of organized labor, I am disappointed that politicians beholden to Gov. Bruce Rauner turned their backs on the working men and women of our state by siding with the governor in his efforts to destroy the ability for Illinois workers to collectively bargain fair wages and working conditions.

Organized labor built our communities, and collective bargaining is a cornerstone of the creation of our nation’s middle class.

The outlawing of child labor, the creation of the 40-hour work week, paid sick leave and the weekend all exist because workers had the right to stand together against the ultra wealthy, and make their voices heard.

Now, millionaires like Bruce Rauner are trying to destroy labor unions in order to pad the profits of wealthy corporate CEOs.

In states where “Right-to-Work” laws have been passed, workers earn less and are more likely to be injured on the job due to unsafe working conditions than states where they are allowed to collectively bargain.

Senate Bill 1905, which the governor vetoed, would have guaranteed all working men and women the right to collectively bargain and prevent Illinois from becoming a “Right-to-Work” state.

The Illinois House has one more opportunity to override the governor’s veto and preserve collective bargaining in Illinois. I am urging you to contact your state representative and demand they stand with working men and women and override Rauner’s veto of workers’ rights.


Larry Walsh Jr.

State representative, 86th District