What's going on at Elmhurst Cemetery?


To the Editor:

Elmhurst Cemetery in Joliet hasremoved all memorials and mementoson our loved ones’ graves withoutcontacting the families.

Theythrew them all in a pile and mostitems were broken. We could notfind any of our loved ones’memorials, and other people werejust taking things that were nottheirs.

We think this was verywrong of the cemetery to dowithout contacting familymembers first.

A lot of us cannotafford a grave marker rightafter we bury our loved ones, andthese memorials are all we have toremind us of our loved ones whoare buried there.

I believe this isvery ignorant of Elmhurst Cemeteryto do to all of us people who haveloved ones buried in theircemetery.

Rick Davis, Joliet