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Brandon Road bridge set to open and close again

Traffic was detoured away from Brandon Road for most of Tuesday as crews continued to work on the bridge, which closed Friday because of a center lock malfunction.[]

JOLIET – Brandon Road bridge was slated to open again Tuesday night, although repairs would continue.

The bridge would be open during the morning and evening rush hours on Wednesday but work would continue at other times during the day, said Gianna Urgo, spokeswoman for the Illinois Department of Transportation.

“We need equipment that is unavailable tonight,” Urgo said Tuesday, explaining that the job could not be completed immediately.

She did not have a completion time for the repair work.

The bridge was shut down Friday after problems developed again with the center lock mechanism, which is used to connect the two ends of the drawbridge.

It was the fifth time the bridge has been shut down in little more than a year since it was first closed in September 2016 for scheduled repairs.

The bridge then had to be closed again in December for work that continued into March. It was closed again for two days in June. Then on June 30 it was closed until Sept. 18 as the center lock mechanism was sent away to be refurbished.