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Romeoville students receive college acceptance letters via drone

Eight Romeoville High School students received their acceptance letters from Lewis University via a drone aircraft on Monday, November 13, 2017.[]

ROMEOVILLE - As if receiving a college acceptance letter was not a big enough of a deal, students at Romeoville High School received their acceptance letters from Lewis University in style.

They came via drone technology.

Eight Romeoville seniors were the first students to get their letters delivered in such fashion on Monday. The drone aircraft took off from Lewis University and dropped off the box of letters at the high school's football stadium.

Representatives from the high school including Principal Derek Kinder, Lewis University President David Livingston and the Village of Romeoville Mayor John Noak were in attendance for a ceremony to honor the students.

Lewis's mascot, Bedcheck Charlie, took the box and handed it off to Livingston for him to give to the students.

The eight seniors Livingston delivered the letters to were Yamilette Arias, Abbey Brand, Abigail Diaz, Ryan Dabrowski, Daniel Gal, Jeremy Kinsley, Ashely Pitt and Malik Tifah.