Letter: A tragic reality


To the Editor:

We have again witnessed the tragic reality of military-style assault weapons being used to murder innocent men, women and children by alienated, angry gunmen. Our senses were numbed by the photos of the 20 children at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

This was followed by the massacre of 58 people plus 500 injured in Las Vegas. Then, on Nov. 5, 26 more innocent people were gunned down at a church in Texas. Half of those murdered were children.

One can only surmise the causal factors that result in these recurring events. The clues and possible answers are many.

There is an obvious connection between psychopathology and the availability of guns. The NRA and gun manufacturers spend millions on lobbyists and target legislators in order to prevent any sane gun control legislation.

This leaves the American people vulnerable to another bloody event.

No national database exists to track what citizens own military-style weapons and the numbers of such weapons they may have in their possession. Since 2005, semiautomatic weapons have been allowed in the marketplace, as has an apparatus to convert them into automatic weapons. An individual convicted of domestic violence can obtain a gun.

A diagnosis of mental illness does not prevent gun possession and a congressman has introduced legislation to allow silencers to be sold.

The NRA and gun manufacturers have had dramatic success in preventing gun control legislation. This is a case of an institutional entity introducing psychopathic, irrational ideas into the public sphere in order to prevent restrictions to the selling and distribution of their lethal products.

To them, the right of maximizing their profits is a sacrosanct principle even if it results in carnage, death and the mutilated bodies of men, women and children.

Don Torrence, Joliet