Term limits are a bad idea


To the Editor:

I agree entirely with Charles Dettlinger’s recent Letter to the Editor in the Herald-News.

Legislated term limits are completely undemocratic.

What they are saying is that someone else’s opinion about an elected official trumps the actual voters’ collective opinion of that politician.

Further, in at least state and national legislatures, it would effectively turn over the legislative processes to the entirely unelected legislative aides who would be the ones left who “knew the ropes” and knew how to write legislation.

If you truly want to level the electoral playing field and take away the perceived advantage of incumbency, why not try public financing of elections?

Or, at least, seriously limit the amount of money that can be spent on any given race.

This amount would have to vary with the size of the electorate, but it would limit the power of money in influencing elections. It also would help free up legislators time for actual work for the taxpayers rather than having to concentrate on fund raising.

Additionally, you could require that holders of publicly owned broadcast licenses provide X minutes of free political advertising as a public service each election season and require that it be truthful.

Maynard R. Jerome