Letter: TPP only benefits China, greedy businesses


To the Editor:

The Chinese are well-known for their mind games. They know the president eats up pomp and ceremony, so they lavished it on him and he folded like a paper hat in a rainstorm.

He says previous presidents, meaning Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama, were played. I seldom agree with him because of his lack of knowledge and common sense, but on this point he is right.

However, he can now add his name to the list.

None of the agreements signed were because of anything he or his people did. Leaving the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) enhanced China and put our country at a disadvantage in Pacific trade.

We lose big time so China can take control of the Eastern Pacific, Australia, Indonesia and Southeast Asia. The TPP was a win-win for the U.S.

Not only was our country rolled so were our multinationals. In their greedy rush to get into China, they took backwater businesses and sciences to their superior level of today.

Two great examples are how Lockheed wanted a cheaper cost to launch satellites. China’s rockets couldn’t reliably get off the ground, much less into space, so Lockheed solved their problems. Now they can hit our cities with their multi-warhead missiles. Another is our car companies that set up plants and engineering facilities to make cars. In a couple of years, they will make more Chinese company cars for domestic and export more than any other country.

President Trump thinks he is a master of a deal, but he is just as naive as past presidents and CEOs. Slogans are one thing, but real and lasting results are another.

Chuck Johnson