Letter: Taxpayers having their money wasted


To the Editor:

Taxpayer money continues to be wasted in our community.

From the city of Joliet, Will County, Joliet Township, Joliet High School District 204, Joliet District 86, Troy 30C, Joliet Fire Department, Police Department, Water Department, etc.

I recently learned the city of Joliet has spent upwards of $4 million dollars on administrative retiree’s vacation, sick time and comp time payouts.I also learned the State of Illinois (Rauner and Rahm) offered Amazon a sweet deal on the backs of taxpayers.

If they build the mega center in Illinois, all Amazon employee’s taxes will go BACK to Amazon! In other words, the taxes will be paid by you and me (again).

This is a systematic problem. What will it take to have the Joliet Herald-News start addressing this issue, not every once in a while, but at least weekly, if not daily?

This is not a Democratic issue alone, it is a Republican issue, as well.

Very few politicians have the taxpayer’s interest front and center.

It doesn’t matter what political party they are from. Residents are fleeing this state but our government agencies want to continue to raise taxes. The more residents who leave puts more pressure on the rest of us suckers staying.

The city of Joliet has raised our water rates while passing money out the back door. Same thing with the school districts, keep raising our taxes while rewarding administrative retirees going out the back door.

Board members, city councilmen, county board members and township trustees, remember the impact on the taxpayer.

The status quo is no longer a valid reason to keep budgets inflated. Always look for cuts.

I don’t care what neighboring cities, counties or school districts pay their staff. Stop the bleeding before it’s too late. We are in a vicious cycle down.

David Talarico