Thank you, Mike Madigan


To the Editor:

It is quite obvious that Speaker Michael Madigan is taking heat from Republicans – namely Rauner, his rich friends and his rich supporters – for being Springfield’s “bad guy.” Well, I don’t buy it and I hope the good citizens in Illinois are smart enough to see through the lies.

The latest attacks are in a TV commercial staring the governors from our surrounding states “thanking” Speaker Madigan for presumably pushing work out of Illinois and into neighboring states.

These governors claim that jobs – both union and non-union – are growing in their states and they’re sarcastically thanking Speaker Madigan for this phenomenon.

It’s a well-known fact that Rauner hates labor unions and would stop at nothing to destroy unions using Right-To-Work laws.He believes that by doing so, Illinois will become a more “business-friendly” state.

In the past few years, Amazon Fulfillment, Google, Boeing, Jimmy Johns and other major corporations have chosen Illinois as the place to hang their hat; not to mention the major corporations who have already made Illinois their home – Caterpillar, Sears, John Deere, Allstate, Walgreens, United Airlines, etc.

Heck, even Trump chose to build here.

Is Illinois the perfect state for business and labor?

Yes, Illinois is in the crossroads of the country and we have a tremendous offering to many businesses who wish to move here – including our highly skilled union workforce.

Are there problems with Illinois?

Yes, there are, but RTW is not the way to fix them.RTW takes money out of the hands of community labor and puts it in the hands of the wealthy Republicans.

In Illinois, one man has stood in the way of these atrocities: Speaker Madigan.

Remember, in 2018, vote American not Republican.

Ken Yanko, Joliet