Letter: Did taxpayers really pay for ‘Freight’ study?


To the Editor:

Did the taxpayers of Will County really write a check for $750,000 for a "Freight" study?

For the cost of a cup of coffee and a few doughnuts at one of the truck stops at Laraway Road and Route 53, the "study" could have been completed.

The most casual observer would immediately see the extreme safety hazard of the woeful lack of infrastructure that is evident of Will County and the unrelenting commercial traffic.

As a firm supporter of small business and capitalism, I hesitate to say that the local citizens are subject to a very unsafe situation.

A challenge to Will County officials: travel the area of I-80/Rt 53, I-80/Rt 52, Laraway Road east and west.

Throw in some very unsafe rail crossings and the off/on nature of the Brandon Road Bridge and the picture becomes actually quite desperate.

Bud Wyman