Thanks for contributions to Plainfield Lions Christmas baskets


To the Editor:

On behalf of the Plainfield Lions Club, I would like to say thank you to the people who helped make our recent Christmas basket program a success. 146 families and 731 people were helped. The Plainfield Lions have given more than $225,000 in groceries to Plainfield-area residents over the past 19 years. 

Karen Hamilton, Lion Tod Schnowske and local churches for their role in generating and verifying our family list.

Lion Tom Bowen for once again offering his shop for delivery headquarters. Lions Mike Lucas, Erin Lightbody, Larry Loethen, Lisa Behounek and Eric Marsaglia for preparing directions for our drivers. Margie Bonuchi for her efforts in generating significant community donations.

Our special benefactors, Greg and Dorothy Chapman, the family of the late Lion Bob Calkins, Lion Larry Loethen and Lion Bob and Sandy Lambert for their most generous and sizable donations. Plainfield Township government, Heartland Bank and Trust, Lion Steve Gruben, Lion Mike Vaughn, Lion Vince and Elaine McGrath, Busey Bank, Eric and Victoria Matway, American Legion Marne Post 13, Lion Mike and Jean Lucas, Ron and Kathy Kazmar, Lion Greg Bott,  William and Linda Hanley, Anthony and Jean Brannen, Steve and Donna Martin, and William and Eileen Lamb, and for their generous monetary donations.  

Our Lions Club members and friends of Lions for driving and delivering our baskets: Vince McGrath, Elaine McGrath, Mike Collins, Larry Loethen, Becky Winkels, Tom Bowen, Robin Fugate, Chris Ramirez, Rachel Bowen, Mark Holzapfel, Karen Haas, Paul McCarthy, Max Holzapfel, Mike Vaughn, Michael Boyd, Eric Marsaglia, Roger Bonuchi, Michael Boyd II, Greg Bott, Erin Lightbody, Dugan Boyd, Mike Lucas, Greg Schaefer, Eileen Scotchlas, Ben Drane, Mike Phelps, Edie Scotchlas, Bruce Kurschner, Gus Rousonelos, Kristen Laszlo, Steve Gruben, Bob Lambert, Mary Ludemann, Lisa Behounek, Allison Behounek, Anita Ruffing, Tony Bonuchi, Holly Behounek, Carlo Capalbo, Margie Bonuchi, Ryan Irvine, Steve Fry, Tod Schnowske, Kaylee Browder, Kim Wright, Larry Wiers and Jaxen Wiers.            

Larry Wiers