Letter: New tax bill should have been simpler


To the Editor:

The new and the supposedly very much improved tax bill is about done and already people from both sides of the aisle are complaining, as are many news people and some ill-informed media types.

No surprises there, how soon we forget.

Washington is awash with people that are paid big dollars to influence what the politicians say and do once they are elected.

They rarely do what “We the People” ask them to do, which should not be any surprise to anyone who has lived here for a while.

Why do you think they don’t like Trump?

To be honest, I’m kind of disappointed that they didn’t make it as simple as they said they were going to do, but not surprised since the influence peddlers from the well-paid “tax consultants” don’t want to lose their business.

I guess something is better than nothing. Which is what we usually get from our elected officials. Unless it’s some law that makes the rich and famous or the political cronies more wealthy and us poorer because of higher taxes.

Ray Malmgren, New Lenox