Letter: Great editorial on Trump


To the Editor:

I would like to commend The Herald-News and Shaw Media for the “Our View” article titled: “Trump is Unfit to Serve” published on Jan. 14.This well-written article outlined the many reasons why Donald Trump is unfit to serve as the leader of the free world.

It goes on to state that either Trump should resign, or be “isolated” by members of Congress and called out for his lies and inappropriate remarks.I couldn’t agree more.

We have heard many Democrats and various news agencies call him out.

However, we hear nothing but crickets from the Republican Party.Rest assured, however, if it were Barack Obama in the White House, the Republicans would be stepping over each other to get to the microphone for their chance to blast him.

But with Trump, we hear nothing.Why?

Because Republicans, by nature, are extreme hypocrites. For example: they say they’re “pro-life,” but that’s only for the unborn.

After birth, they won’t help feed you if you’re hungry, they won’t help put a roof over your head if you need one, they won’t help educate you. They’ll let you die if you’re sick and they certainly won’t stop the bullets from killing you in a war they started, or at school, or at a concert, or at a shopping center, or walking down the street, or ...

Congress needs to invoke the 25th Amendment and have Trump removed from office before he further destroys our great country. But the hypocritical Republican-controlled Congress won’t act.

So, until Trump is finally replaced in 2020, Americans will show up in droves this November to replace Congress and the Senate, which will ultimately take power away from Trump.

Remember: “Vote American, not Republican.” Let’s end this orange embarrassment once and for all.

Ken Yanko