Joliet culinary arts professor pens textbook

JJC professor of culinary arts, Andy Chlebana, holds "The Advanced Art of Baking & Pastry."

JOLIET – Joliet Junior College’s award-winning chef, Andy Chlebana, has been busy teaching students and appearing on the Food Network.

He’s also been busy writing his own textbook. “The Advanced Art of Baking & Pastry” was published in 2017 after six years of working with his publisher to document Chlebana’s professional knowledge. 

His book delves into the world of complex recipes that use ingredients most everyday households don’t have in their pantries, like trimoline and star anise. 

Chlebana is hoping that professors will incorporate his textbook into their classes this fall semester. 

He’s is especially pleased with the book’s images. Photographer Anthony Tahlier’s shots range from colorful fruit tarts to the golden bird of paradise, which appears on the front cover. 

Chlebana has taught at JJC for 12 years and is also a JJC culinary arts alumnus. After graduating from JJC, he joined his brother at the Culinary Institute of America in New York, earning a baking and pastry certificate.

He worked for some of the most prominent hotels in the hospitality industry before returning to his alma mater to teach aspiring chefs the art of baking and pastry. Chlebana says that he loves what he does and enjoys passing his knowledge on to JJC students. 

Chlebana submitted “The Advanced Art of Baking & Pastry” to the prestigious James Beard Foundation Awards, one of the food industry’s highest honors. The semifinalists will be announced in mid-February. Though Chlebana has been recognized for his work over the years, winning a James Beard Award, he says, would be a dream come true. 

In addition, the 2nd edition of "Culinary Arts Principles and Applications" by Chef Michael McGreal chair of JJC's culinary arts department, is available on Amazon.

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