Letter: Bobby Rush disrespected all of us


To the Editor:

I-80 cuts right through Congressman Bobby Rush’s district. A dangerous road that many of his constituentstravel daily for work and school.

He said he will not waste any more time on the president’s agenda. Well, Congressman Rush, I don’t consider the loss of lives on I-80 a waste of time. President Trump wants toimprove America’s infrastructure to make our roads safe.

You need to listen to what this president has tosay and support America. His current tax reform already has business moving forward with a positive jobgrowth in America, many of those jobs will help veterans and the underserved areas of your district.

As ano show, I find it a total disrespect for the office of the commander in chief.

I am a Vietnam veteran andyou owe veterans an apology for your disrespect of that office.

If you consider your job a waste of time, itwould be in the best interest of Illinois’ 1st Congressional District to step aside or show up and workfor us in the 1st District, which you were elected to do.

We need safe roads, safe borders and the new taxlaw already moving business forward starting jobs for Americans.

Wally Chlipala, New Lenox