Letter: Elwood truck decision ignored facts


To the Editor:

Just a few days after the Elwood Planning & Zoning Commission ignored testimony and facts concerning the already burdened roads of Elwood and Manhattan, my family and I became yet another statistic. While waiting to turn off Route 52 near Dead Man’s Curve in Manhattan Township near Cedar Road, our family van was sideswiped by a speeding semitrailer that attempted to go around us rather than slow down.

Our three children were in the van, and although we thankfully suffered only minor injuries and soreness, our youngest daughter is now very afraid – not to mention the heavy damage to our van.

Shame on Elwood’s Planning & Zoning Commission for so quickly voting to recommend 30,000 more trucks every day on roads that can’t handle what we have right now. NorthPoint will impact surrounding communities well beyond Elwood. I hope the Elwood board members realize that.

Michelle Hough

Manhattan Township