Letter: My solution to the gun violence


To the Editor:

We let people buy all the guns they want. Rifles, pistols, machine guns.

My answer to the gun problem is we (government) sell to the public with the cost being $1,000 per bullet.

We let the federal government be the only seller. All proceeds from the sales go only to the government. Each state can put up a building next to their post office. When you buy bullets, each one will be engraved with the buyer’s Social Security number.

This will create jobs and income from these sales (money profit for our veterans).

It can work, but only we, you and I can stop the mass killing. Also, each town should post the name of the bullet buyers in the newspaper. So if one of these killers uses 400 bullets to kill about 53 people, the government made $40,000 in sales.

Down with the killers – don’t waste a bullet on them – hang them to show we must stop the killing.

Richard Parus