Letter: Will County Friendly Freight Plan isn't friendly to residents


To the Editor:

John Greuling is no friend of homeowners in Elwood, Manhattan or surrounding neighborhoods.

His “Will County Friendly Freight Plan” is friendly to no one but the trucking industry. This name is a misnomer at best. He brags about the “economic” benefits of being a major logistics hub, payroll, jobs and tax revenue.

Further, he said, “we need to arm our communities with the tools to assess the impacts that new and changing developments will have on them.”

Hello, the “impacts” are here.

Our quiet way of life is disappearing. Trucks are ruining our roads and clogging our highways.

Finally, he is perfectly clear about not being on our (homeowners) side.

He said “saying no to new development in Will County (i.e., NorthPoint) is short-sighted and will temper future investments and jobs and ultimately hurt our quality of life.”

Too late, John, quality of life has been irreparably damaged.

Gary Vander Bent, Elwood