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Police: Joliet man racked up charges, paid debts with stolen credit card numbers

Toby L. Godfrey[]

JOLIET – A Joliet man was arrested for allegedly acquiring an acquaintance’s credit card number and using it to make purchases and debt payments, police said.

About 1:30 p.m. Monday, Toby L. Godfrey, 40, of the 300 block of Hunter Avenue was arrested on a charge of identity theft in connection with the alleged fraud.

On Jan. 20, a 55-year-old acquaintance of Godfrey contacted the police when he noticed he had been given a fraudulent check that was reportedly bounced by Godfrey, Joliet Deputy Police Chief Ed Gregory said in an email. The man also reportedly discovered multiple charges on his credit card through an online alert.

Joliet police investigated the fraud and allegedly discovered that on a three-day period in late January, Godfrey made numerous purchases and paid debts with the man’s credit card number after acquiring it.

Godfrey allegedly passed himself off as the cardholder over the telephone and racked up numerous fraudulent charges and payments to merchants, Gregory said.