Letter: He's not prejudiced


Just sayin'.

One of my hopes is that the main streets of hell, you know, Lucifer Lane and Devils Drive, are lined with ginormous courthouses, capitol buildings, medical professional suites, auto dealerships ... feel free to fill in your persona; fave bottom feeders at this point.

Just sayin'.

I don't know why President Trump is so displeased with illegal immigrants. Seeing that they single-handedly saved the United States!

Don't believe me.

Just ask anyone in the entertainment industry.

Cheap help was hard to find before they arrived to save the day!

To quote John Lennon ...

You may say I'm a "DREAMER," but I'm NO The ONLY ONE!

I don't know why illegal immigrants are so displeased with the United States.

They have lived the "AMERICAN DREAM" for decades. Living free off the government, without being bothered with their pesky laws, rules, and regulations. SWEET!

Just sayin'.

You may say I'm disillusioned, but I'm not the only one.

That, my friends, is why Trump was elected and we're having all this fun.

I'm not prejudiced. I'm just allergic to B.S.

Just sayin'.

Tom Onofrey