Go back to what works


Students and others rightly demand we take action to prevent mass shootings. School-sponsored student walkouts, however, are inappropriate. They usually are politically motivated and focus on gun control rather than people control. They should be done on their own time and dime.

What really went wrong? The school had previous problems with the shooter as a student, but did not report him because they followed Obama’s don’t report policy. The police officer at the school to protect the students did nothing, and other officers were ordered to stage rather than engage. The police had 39 interactions with the shooter, but did nothing. The FBI had two solid tips, but did nothing. The FBI did nothing with several other occurrences.

We should fix the FBI and the Broward County police department. The shooter had a mental illness. We should do more to deal with mental illness. Liberals would sooner blame the NRA and guns, but ignore the real people problems.

Gun-free zones work for killers, but not for student safety. Most gun control laws are ignored by criminals and leave good citizens defenseless. The students in Florida were not protected by the police or FBI. The mass killer at the church in Texas was stopped by an NRA member with an AR-15.

When I grew up, there were no mass shootings and we didn’t need a police officer in the schools. What changed? They took God and the Ten Commandments out of the schools causing a major increase in crime rates and other social problems. The obvious corrective action is to go back to what works.

Many times more people are killed by gangs and abortion than by mass shootings. I bet the schools won’t sponsor student walkouts to deal with the real problems.

Robert C. Lemke