The time is now


My husband and I chose to purchase our home in the Minooka CCSD 201 District so that our children would receive a quality education. Five years ago when we bought, we knew perfectly well that we were moving into a school district that was not done growing. As expected since then, our district has experienced rapid growth. The district has taken all proper steps to explore the options and the facts show that the time is now to expand.

The time is now; otherwise we are merely delaying the inevitable. There is no sense in spending money on temporary solutions that are not in our kids best interests. Our communities are growing, and our schools are a reflection of this growth.

When we invest in our children, we are investing in our community. For these reasons, my husband and I will be voting YES on March 20, in favor of the District 201 referendum. I encourage all other voters in our community to do the same.

Mary Sepulveda