Letter: Lauren Staley-Ferry for Will County clerk


To the Editor:

Lauren Staley-Ferry has my full support for the office of Will County clerk.

There are numerous LOCAL clerks, but only one county clerk. It is important for voters to understand the significance of this difference. Township and village clerks represent small localities, they maintain LOCAL records, take LOCAL minutes and only assist the county by manning one early voting site requiring election judge experience at best.

I am supporting Staley-Ferry because she is the only candidate to have worked in upper-level management in the private business sector. At a Fortune 500 company, she was a project manager, led 100-plus associates, spearheaded programs that went nationwide, and managed technological programs.

Our new county clerk must be someone who has utilized 21st-century management tools in large projects and has the vision to take the Will County Clerk’s Office into the 21st century efficiently. Her experience in project management leadership will be an asset in the entire election process, which is much more than distributing ballots.

Managing the election process requires understanding and following statutes, preparing candidate petitions for a variety of offices, training staff to collect petitions, certifying the ballots, properly training election judges and field technicians, recruitment of election judges, voter registration, maintaining the voter rolls (over 400,000 registered voters) and managing vote-by-mail ballots (mail out, receive back, count and report).

At the present time, Will County has 20 early voting sites and 300 polling places staffed with over 1,500 election judges including field technicians.The county clerk manages a staff that, among other things, trains and instructs election judges, delivers equipment, ballots and supplies to polling places, and organizes the count for vote-by-mail and early voting sites.

This job takes a professional project manager, and my vote is with Lauren Staley-Ferry!

Ellen Moriarty

Homer Glen