A plan to eliminate illegals


To the editor:

Build an anti-emigration wall? Dumb! Stupid! Extremely expensive and unnecessary. Walls can be breached. Tearing down the existing wall also is expensive and unnecessary. Instead, let anyone who wishes to take a chance on being caught illegally in the U.S. come in. When we find them and prove they are illegally here, search for those who can be accused of “aiding and abetting” the illegals.

Aiding and abetting is illegal, is it not?

Next, jail everyone in both families, allowing only children of school age to be cared for by a legal family, the state and/or friends or relatives.

Next, confiscate and auction off both families’ possessions (such as bank accounts, cars, furniture, etc.) until the funds collected are enough to buy one-way tickets back to where the illegal family came from and to pay for legal costs for police salaries, incarceration expenses and most importantly the cost of transportation to return the illegals to the place from which they came, i.e. home.

Allow the “aiders and abettors” to return home to whatever is left of their possessions and return to a normal life.

If we could do this, at least once in at least eight states, coast to coast, border to Gulf, I’m sure you would see a massive exodus of illegals leaving our country before they get identified, and, I bet the end of illegals sneaking in.

Edward Sandstrom