Wrong Nazi


I just read my Letter to the Editor on Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.

I was flabbergasted (German word?) to see I had credited Heinrich Himmler as the famous Nazi propagandist. People who know me know that any mistake I make will haunt me for years, and this apology won’t change that. The real propagandist, the teacher and idol of today’s spin doctors, talking heads and conspiracy theorists is Joseph Paul Goebbels.

His “Big Lie” method of controlling people’s thoughts and opinions is the basis for many radical groups. This morning’s news showed the president relating a Fox News story that a group of Central Americans fleeing from their crime-ridden countries to Mexico and the U.S. are raping at an unbelievably historic rate. (It is unbelievable because there is no truth in it at all, according to the women and Mexican police investigating).

People will believe those lies and further fear people they will never see. Border patrol said these groups are common and less than 10 percent will decide to continue on to our border. Most will stop in southern Mexico to be preyed upon by Mexico’s drug gangs. Remember, our drug use is the reason for the gangs they are fleeing, the ones in Mexico and here.

I again apologize for crediting the wrong Nazi for the “Big Lie.” Himmler’s contribution to history was the Holocaust. Both should be forever vilified by decent people.

Chuck Johnson