Letter: The residents have spoken


To the Editor:

To recap: New Lenox residents have voted no to a referendum to increase taxes to the New Lenox Fire Protection District on five occasions.

It would appear as though the residents of New Lenox have clearly spoken.

NLFPD closed one of it’s four stations as a result. New Lenox village has chosen to loan $450,00.00 of tax payer money to the NLFPD to re-open Station #2.

It would appear to the most casual observer that this is clearly not how the tax paying residents of New Lenox would choose their tax dollars are spent.

Is there any confusion as to why Illinois is in such dire financial condition?

To quote Mr. Baldermann, “This is the right move for our community.”

No sir, the right move is to honor the voting process of your tax-paying residents who pay your salary.

Bud Wyman, Joliet