Jobs vs. immigration


First, let me say I am anti-immigration and pro-birth control. I think our country would be better off at 200 million residents than the current
330 million and rising every day. Population growth is an economic and political goal. One requires the other to make the ideal demography work.

The confusion is in the number and types of jobs needed to support our economy. A few years ago Alabama passed its own immigration laws, making sure no illegals had a job in the state. The idea was illegals took the jobs students and the poor would do. They didn’t, so crops rotted in the fields, stores were understaffed, landscapers closed and manufacturers couldn’t fill unskilled and skilled jobs. After two years the law was quietly rescinded.

Expand the Alabama experiment to a national basis. We have hundreds of thousands of high-tech jobs currently unfilled and several times that many low-tech ones. This is with the previous system where immigrants filled many slots; and, in some highly publicized cases, took jobs away from local residents. No system will be completely fair to all.

Tens of thousands of the DACA kids are doctors, teachers, engineers and have other highly needed and hard-to-replace jobs in a job market with many openings. We can’t support the Republican dream economy by exporting the people needed to build it.  

Without immigrants, legal or not, who is going to work in the cattle, hog and chicken slaughter houses, or pick fruit, strawberries and vegetables? Few people want to kill and cut up thousands of animals each day at those wages and danger. Lack of workers will drive prices up for less American-harvested food.

Chuck Johnson