Lying Donny


Both Democrats and Republicans that have been elected to serve in Congress sit on their hands, while our lunatic and morally corrupt President Donald Trump tells lies upon lies about our Justice Department.

How can America believe this bad, bad man?

OK, America made a bad choice, but admit you were wrong in choosing this bad, bad man.

Come on, the weasel couldn’t even serve his country when America needed his little hands to carry a rifle in Vietnam. He didn’t help America then, and he isn’t helping America now.

What even happened to drain the swamp, fix our roads and American-made in the U.S.A.?

Har, har, what an ugly, ugly man both physically and mentally. I can’t hardly wait out the next two years, when we get to elect a new leader, an honest and just person, who really loves our country.

America will be great again when lying Donny is voted out of office.

Vincent Duarte Jr.