Letter: People kill people


Here we go again. The media is saying "Parkland is blaming guns, the National Rifle Association and President Donald Trump for the shootings."

So if we take away our right to carry guns, why not just tear up our Constitution and start all over? Again, it wasn't the guns that killed those kids and adults, it's the nut case who used them.

If he ran a bunch of them over with a car or truck, do we start riding horses again? What if he blew up the school with dynamite – do we stop using explosives?

It's people who kill people. So quit blaming everything else, including our president and the NRA, and start paying more attention to the mental aspects, lawlessness and our society in general, which cause these problems.

Look at the movies our kids watch and the computer games they play as a start. And maybe we better start looking at the failures in our law enforcement and judicial system. 

Ray Malmgren

New Lenox