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Shorewood Burger King was closed, so man stripped naked in street, police said

Manuel Silverio[]

An intoxicated Plainfield man was so irate over being locked out of Burger King he stripped off his clothes and struck an officer a few times, police said.

Officers were sent about 2:15 a.m. Sunday to the East Jefferson Street Burger King in Shorewood after employees complained of a man standing outside the drive-thru and pounding on the window, Deputy Police Chief Eric Allen said.

“He was visibly upset the business was closed and was banging on the drive-thru, screaming at the employees inside,” Allen said. “He was heavily intoxicated.”

Manuel Silverio, 30, hit the window one more time after police arrived and “proceeded to strip naked, then put his pants back on,” Allen said.

The officers determined no one was injured and no property damaged, Allen said, and contacted one of Silverio’s relatives to come pick him up.

A police sergeant tried to help Silverio back into his shirt, Allen said, and Silverio hit him.

The officers handcuffed Silverio and sat him on the curb, Allen said, and after he calmed down took the cuffs off him.

Silverio repeatedly tried to stand up and the sergeant placed his hand on his shoulder, Allen said, so Silverio hit him in the face and again in the chest.

Silverio then was arrested. He was booked into the Will County jail on charges of public indecency, resisting a police officer and aggravated battery.

Silverio was scheduled to appear in court Monday afternoon for a bond hearing.