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Opening arguments begin in second trial of 2016 double homicide in Joliet

Father and brother of one of the victims take the stand

William N. Krasawski[]

The second trial in the case of a 2016 double homicide started Tuesday with opening arguments, and family members of one of the victims taking the stand.

William N. Krasawski, 43, has been charged in the deaths of Michael R. Oram, 48, of Joliet, and Jamie L. Willis, 43, of Lockport. Both victims were found bludgeoned to death with multiple head injuries inside Fleet Specialty Painting and Auto Body at 809 E. Cass St. in Joliet.

At opening arguments Tuesday, the prosecution laid out what it believes happened on March 9, 2016. Attorney Daniel Egan said Krasawski used a pipe wrench and a hammer to strike his alleged victims in the head.

Egan said Krasawski was high on crack cocaine and attempted to hide the weapons. After he left the body shop, Krasawski sold his cellphone and car and contacted his mother, telling her he was in trouble. Krasawski then used the money to buy more crack cocaine and hid out in a hotel in Chicago Heights, where police later found him.

The prosecution continued, saying Krasawski’s four-hour interview included him blaming some “mysterious black guy.” Egan also pointed out that Willis’ blood was found on Krasawski’s clothes.

One of Krasawski’s defense lawyers, Amy Christiansen, said the physical evidence was not clear cut. She said no DNA from Krasawski was found on the murder weapons, and none of Oram’s blood was on Krasawski’s clothes.

After opening arguments, Doug Oram Sr., Oram’s father, who owned the body shop, took the stand. The prosecution used photos of the exterior and interior of the body shop for the elder Oram to identify the layout.

He then recalled what he remembered from that day, when he tried to enter the locked building just before noon. Oram Sr. said his eldest son, Doug Oram Jr., arrived and unlocked the front door. The younger Oram said that’s when he entered the building, went to the rear garage and found his brother sitting with blood all around him.

“He stopped me and said it was Mike,” Douglas Oram Sr. said.

They called 911 after discovering the victims.

Both sides also asked about details involving locking up the shop.

The trial is scheduled to continue Wednesday.