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Will County offender rehabilitation program wins award

Program helps reintegrate, quickly, saves money


The Will County Adult Redeploy program earned an Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties for its innovative and effective approach to strengthening services for residents.

The program was recognized in the criminal justice and public safety category because of its aims to offer new services to residents, fill gaps in the criminal justice system and tap into new revenue sources, according to a news release.

“Adult Redeploy is really a great example of county government stepping up to assist individuals and communities,” Suzanne Hart, R-Naperville, county board member and legislative committee chair, said in the release.

Part of why the program came to be was because of Illinois prisons’ tremendous cost to taxpayers. The prisons hold 49,000 people, about 15,000 more than they are designed to house, with many being nonviolent offenders.

“I’m proud that we could find this innovative approach to helping chronic nonviolent offenders reintegrate into our communities,” Julie McCabe-Sterr, coordinator of the Will County Problem Solving Courts, said in the release. “Not only do programs like this save taxpayers money, they also help preserve and repair the social fabric of communities.”

The program offers services not found in traditional courts, such as case management, mental health and substance abuse counseling, yoga and anger management. Adult Redeploy’s services help rehabilitate offenders more quickly than short-term prison sentences, which can often perpetuate a cycle of recidivism.