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DuPage Township board addresses some issues concerning residents

Trustee’s name was later removed from final agenda

DuPage Township offices on Tuesday, May 8, 2018, in Bolingbrook, Ill.[]

After last week’s scheduled meeting didn’t happen, the DuPage Township Board of Trustees met Tuesday night to discuss two issues in executive session.

The meeting originally scheduled for May 8 did not take place after three of the four trustees did not show up.

The first item on the agenda was about “threatened litigation regarding sexual harassment charge made against a trustee with possible board action.” While no action was taken in open session, there were a couple of comments from the public regarding the issue. One commenter directly called out one of the trustees, Dennis Raga, asking if he would resign.

“I’d like to find out what is going on with Trustee Raga and if he is going to resign and stop being an embarrassment to this community and to the board,” said Karen Thacker, a former DuPage Township resident who still has ties with the area.

Raga did not respond to the comment from Thacker or to multiple requests for comment for this story.

Although no township official could speak on the record in regard to the charge of sexual harassment, the Herald-News obtained a copy of the agenda for the May 8 meeting which identified Raga as the trustee threatened with litigation regarding a sexual harassment charge. That version of the agenda no longer is on the website, as another version was published that did not name him.

The board took action with a matter involving Linda Youngs, the longtime assistant to township supervisor William M. Mayer. The board voted to dismiss her at a March 27 meeting, and she later sued the three members for violating the open meetings act.

On Tuesday night, the trustees voted unanimously to reinstate Youngs with back pay and benefits dating back to March 27, and then again voted to put her on paid administrative leave.

Mayer said that the status of Youngs’ lawsuit against Raga and two other trustees hasn’t changed and he could not discuss the details because the discussion happened in executive session.

At the scheduled meeting that didn’t happen last week, a few of Young’s friends showed up wanting to get answers about why she was dismissed. As the public officials work part-time for the township, Youngs handled the day-to-day tasks of putting on programs for seniors and children.