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Jefferson Street Applebee’s closes

Big franchise Applebee's chain closes in Joliet

The Applebee's on Jefferson St. has closed on June 7th.[]

The Applebee’s on Jefferson street in Joliet has officially closed. Media outlets have been saying it is because of bankruptcy.

Employees of the closed Applebee’s would not comment on the situation.

Employees of the franchise on Plainfield Road reported that they still are open but couldn’t comment on the other restaurant.

The building had a note posted on the front door reading “this Applebee’s location is closed” with no further information regarding the closing. The doors remained open, but the restaurant was empty. An employee gave customers a coupon and directed customers to a different Applebee’s.

This restaurant is owned by one of Applebee’s largest franchisees, RMH Franchise.

RMH also owns over 100 restaurants in 14 other states, including Alabama, Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania.