Letter: What am I?


To the Editor:

I get a lot of feedback on my opinions. Most are from the right, but nearly as many from the left. I claim the center, which is where a person should be with views toward both sides. I try to use facts as the basis for my opinions even when they are not stated.

I often call experts (not text, email, Facebook, Tweet or any other nonverbal communication) to get information that I use to form my opinion. I have consulted physicians, astronomers, climatologists, military, senators, state and federal agencies, and friends with experience and special knowledge on a topic.

An example is when one climate denier wrote the sun was expanding, and that was the reason for our climate getting warmer. I knew it was ridiculous, but I talked with an astronomer at Adler Planetarium, who laughed so hard he gasped for air. As most students in my 1960s high school science class knew, the earth’s orbit keeps us about 93 million miles away from the sun; because of the oval orbit, it is an average of 94.5 and 91.4 million miles.

I also use the World Almanac, but not Wikipedia or any other subjective or fake social media sites designed to cater to those siloed people who are so easily manipulated.

Another source is the people themselves. I try not to use President Donald Trump as an official source because he seldom is right with facts and can change those facts around within hours. To him, real news facts come from the script writers on FOX. Even then, he screws those stories up.

The left doesn’t like my immigration stance and the right doesn’t like my stance on paying off debt before tax cuts. Seeing both sides of an issue is something Americans have forgotten how to do.

Chuck Johnson