Letter: Aaron Toppen


To the Editor:

It was a moving gesture that Pfc. Aaron Toppen’s name was prominently displayed during a recent NASCAR race here. The courageous local young soldier died during an intense firefight in Afghanistan.

There have also been a number of motorcycle runs and other events previously held to memorialize Toppen; these are good times to reflect on all of the other fallen heroes from our community, too. Scores of men and women from this area have given the max in every American war.

Many of those who died in battle are long forgotten and never had a personal ceremony to pay them individual homage.

Toppen’s loved ones have publicly stated in the past that it’s important for us to recall all of them as we celebrate Toppen’s inspirational life. I agree, and we should share their sentiment. We owe them that.

I know that Aaron Toppen himself would insist on it. His ultimate sacrifice proved, beyond doubt, that no one believed in the brother/sisterhood more than he did.

Bill Nixon

Crest Hill