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New Lenox Area Historical Society relocates old depot

The historic New Lenox train station, which was built in the early 20th century, sits elevated on a moving platform Tuesday in New Lenox.[]

The old New Lenox train depot is up on wheels and ready to be transported to its new location 5 miles north at Walt Konow’s farm, 16849 Cedar Road in Homer Glen.

The old Metra train depot was scheduled to be demolished, but the New Lenox Area Historical Society fought to save it.

“I certainly support the historical society for retrieving the old train station from Metra,” New Lenox Mayor Tim Baldermann said.

Although its moving has been postponed, the depot will eventually be used to educate the farm’s visitors.

“We’re hoping to have parties out of it or maybe even a store,” said Barb Smith, a wedding coordinator at Walt Konow’s farm.

Transporting the old depot is expected to be difficult because of its size and height.

“There’s a lot of power lines in the way, so those need to be lifted in order to move the depot, as well as traffic signals on Francis Road,” said Lori Lindberg, a chairperson for the historical society.

Once the depot is transported and settled in its new location, it is planned to be named a Will County historic site.

The new train station is expected to increase transportation and add safety awareness.

Anytime a train is coming, gates will close off Cedar Road. When trains are en route to Chicago, those same gates are expected to open and should allow traffic, Baldermann said.