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The Salon Professional Academy offers hairstyle ideas for Homecoming


Homecoming, an annual tradition at many high schools and colleges, is typically held in the fall.  The celebration is usually centered around a home football game, and serves to host special guests and to welcome back alumni.  Activities typically include the football game or other sporting event, a parade, and a special dance. 

The Homecoming dance can be a big deal for the girls.  Many plan way in advance, hoping to put together a terrific look that incorporates a gorgeous dress, amazing shoes, fabulous makeup, and of course, a terrific hairstyle. 

If you’re attending Homecoming this fall, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your hairstyle.  You’ll want to set yourself apart, so choose something that flatters your face and complements your outfit.  A vintage classic ponytail is a popular trend right now.  Tease the hair on the crown of your head for height, or even go for a bouffant look on top.  The ponytail can drape curls down your back, or you can clasp the hair on the side and have the ponytail trail down the front.  Curls are soft and romantic, while straight hair offers a sleek, modern look.

Braids are also a very popular trend for 2017.  French braid your hair from behind one ear along the hairline, and secure it behind the other ear.  Long bangs can be tucked and pinned underneath the braid.  You can even do two or three smaller parallel braids. 

You can also try an elegant ballerina bun, either low on your neck or high on your head.  A French twist is another classic style; flowing tendrils around the face can soften the look.

Jeweled pins and barrettes, flowers, and other decorative items look beautiful in dressy hairstyles.  Be creative!  Be sure to practice your hairstyle before the big night so you won’t have any surprises.  For more information, please contact:

The Salon Professional Academy


Ph:  815-609-6880